Ornament Personalization

Personalizing an ornament with a name, milestone, message, or year makes it more meaningful because you know it was picked out especially for you.

Callisters Christmas offers personalization services for its ornaments at no extra cost. Personalization is done with a felt-tip marker or paint pen in a lovely block-letter, uppercase, script by our trained personalizers.

The details of each personalization request are given careful attention, including spelling, punctuation, and order/placement. Our personalizers will write names, years, and other information with the exact spelling and punctuation as it appears on your order submission.   When you submit your order, you are confirming you have proofread the text you've entered in the personalization form fields. If a Callisters Christmas personalizer makes an error, we will replace the ornament with the proper personalization at no cost to you.

To give you the best selection, we offer some ornaments that cannot be personalized. These ornaments have surfaces that are too textured, decorated, compact, or otherwise unalterable.

Tips for Ornament Personalization

Keep Personalizations Brief

We'll do our best to accommodate any personalized message you'd like on your ornament. However, we recommend keeping personalization brief, sticking with a single name, year, milestone, event, school, team, or word per text field.

Keep Personalizations Simple

Personalized messages are written in all capital letters. Our personalizers can draw symbols such as ampersands, paw prints, or hearts, but we recommend keeping the message as simple as possible, limiting personalization to letters and numbers.

If a family has multiple last names or a lengthy hyphenated surname, we suggest using a greeting such as "Merry Christmas" or "Our Family, Christmas 2022" instead.

Double-Check Your Order

On family ornaments with clear mom and dad avatars or on other ornaments where ages, genders, physical characteristics, etc. are relevant, please ensure all names, nicknames, and pronouns are in the correct order. Take note of ornament characteristics that imply gender or other attributes, such as eyelashes. Cross-check your personalization requests with the fill-in fields and the numbers in the product image.

Fox Family of Four Personalized Ornament

Proofread Your Personalization

Please ensure your personalization is accurate before placing an order, and pay careful attention to spelling and punctuation. If your personalization request is submitted with technical or other errors, we will contact you to verify the personalization request. The most common errors we see are:

Misplaced apostrophes
Plural surnames do NOT get an apostrophe.
  • Correct: The Joneses, The Turners, The Roosevelts
  • Incorrect: The Jones's, The Turners', The Roosevelt's
  • Alternative: The Turner Family, The Roosevelt Family
Confusing pronouns, especially when gifting
Make sure the language is appropriate for the recipient and the message you're communicating is clear.
  • Our 1st Christmas vs. My 1st Christmas
  • My New Apartment vs. Your First Apartment
  • Nicknames or pronouns vs. Given names (Mom and Dad vs. Stacy and Andrew)
Personalized Door of a New Home, White Door with Green Garland and Scroll for Personalization
      Misspelled names
      Many names have multiple spellings, especially when a name is gender neutral. Ensure your recipient's name is spelled correctly.
      • Katy vs. Katie, Marti vs. Marty, Elisabeth vs. Elizabeth
      • Bryan vs. Brian, Francis vs. Frances, Michael vs. Michel
      Order and placement
      We will do our best to accommodate your personalization request. However, we reserve the right to make placement adjustments if the personalization is too lengthy for the space. Enter your text exactly as you’d like it to appear on your ornament.