About Us

Headquartered in New Berlin, Wisconsin, Callisters Christmas is a family-owned business founded by three sisters and is happy to now include second-generation family members. Callisters Christmas is proud to have established a small business that has become an enduring part of local families’ holiday celebrations.

Callisters Christmas has been selling Christmas tree ornaments and holiday decorations in the Milwaukee area for over 30 years. We started out in 1991 in regional shopping-mall kiosks, with an inventory of about 400 ornaments. Today, we do seasonal pop-up stores in Midwestern malls and state fairs, with more than 5,000 unique Christmas ornaments, collectibles, gifts, florals, and holiday decorations.

At Callisters Christmas, finding all the Christmas ornaments on our customers’ wish lists—especially those that celebrate life’s milestones or those with unique subjects or unusual themes—is our passion. The Callisters Christmas product catalog has been carefully curated and stocked with Christmas ornaments for people of all backgrounds, hobbies, interests, and styles.

From grandmothers who collect for their grandchildren to couples starting their lives together, Christmas ornaments have become an important holiday tradition. Decorating for the holiday season allows us to spend time with family and friends, stirs us to reminisce about the past year, and inspires gratitude for what’s still to come. We want our stores and website to be go-to sources for ornaments that commemorate these meaningful moments.

When you visit a Callisters Christmas store, we want your reaction to be: “If I can’t find it here, I won’t find it anywhere.”

Our goal is to convey that same feeling on our website.