Old World Christmas Ornaments:
Commemorate Life’s Biggest and Smallest Moments

Old World Christmas ornaments are handcrafted with the love, patience, and artistry of the master glassblowers who invented and continually refined the ornament-blowing process in Europe in the late-1800s.

Christmas Tree Ornament & Passport Ornament

In 1979, the Merck family of Washington state began manufacturing Christmas tree ornaments in this same tradition with the same authenticity and loving care, distributing them to families across the globe under the Old World Christmas brand.

Old World Christmas ornaments are made by craftspeople who pour hot glass into a detailed mold. The glass is then blown, by mouth, into the contours of the mold so it will take on the design that was carved into it. Once cooled, the ornaments are painted by hand in vibrant colors, brightened and polished with high-quality lacquers, and decorated with glitter and other embellishments.

Diploma Ornament, Onesie Ornament, & Wedding Cake OrnamentOld World Christmas’s designs capture some of life’s biggest, most important moments, such as births, weddings, graduations, and other milestones. But the company also offers ornaments that celebrate the little things that make life extra meaningful, including food and drink, sports and hobbies, travel and vacations, and other objects and ideas that make up our daily lives. These glimmering ornaments are reminders to slow down, savor memories, and appreciate life’s biggest gifts as well as its small and beautiful ones, whatever they may be for you and your family.

Callisters Christmas has one of the largest selections of OWC ornaments online and also offers retired Old World Christmas ornaments, which are coveted products the company no longer sells but are still in circulation. We can also personalize most Old World Christmas ornaments to give them a custom feel.

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