Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

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Ornaments can be a unique and thoughtful Valentine's Day gift! Give a personalized ornament that commemorates a special moment or memory for you and your loved one. Create a Valentine-themed tree or add our beautiful glass heart-shaped ornaments to your home decor. 

Want to wish a bestie a Happy Galentine's Day? Give our break-apart BFF Heart Ornament. Each of you gets to keep half of this beautiful best friends forever glass heart ornament designed by our friends at Old World Christmas. 

Love your pet more than anyone else? Give an I Love My Dog Heart Ornament or I Love My Cat Heart Ornament to your beloved fur baby. 

Our personalized ornaments for couples can include a special message for your significant other with a special meaning just for the two of you. Have your nicknames for each other personalized or a special date to recall how much you love each other. 

Don't forget grandma, who loves those grandchildren maybe more than her own kids! Our Grandchildren Heart Ornaments will let grandparents brag about their funny valentines! 

Add a glass heart-shaped ornament or rose to your home decor. Shop the whole collection Valentine ornaments today!