Dated for 2022 Old World Christmas Ornaments

Dated for 2022 Old World Christmas Ornaments

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What makes an ornament special? It's the feeling you get each year as you decorate the tree. Does it remind you of a milestone, a new home, a dear friend, or family member?

To keep those memories close to your heart, we can add personalization and date these glass ornaments. Your Christmas tree will become a scrapbook of your life! 

Our beautiful glass ornaments designed by Old World Christmas have been sought after by collectors since the 1970s. Each year, OWC releases limited edition dated ornaments to add to your collection. But, just in case you find the perfect ornament that isn't dated, we can make Christmas magic happen! 

These colorful, heirloom quality, ornaments will be taken to the next level when our artists hand-letter a name and date these keepsake ornaments for you and everyone on your Christmas list.  

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