Covid Christmas 2020

Covid Christmas 2020

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Let's face it, Christmas 2020 is going to look a lot different and not just because we will all be wearing masks. 

Due to this global pandemic many Americans have lost jobs at no fault of their own. Businesses have closed, restaurants cannot open at full capacity and events that employ many workers have been cancelled. 

The purse strings may be a little tighter for some families this Christmas or nonexistent in some cases. Many will struggle with gift giving this holiday season as rent payments and grocery bills need to have the highest priority. 

But isn't the joy of Christmas really about spending time together? Gifts are fun, but expensive gifts don't necessarily mean you love someone more. Consider giving the gift of time this Christmas. Here are some 2020 Christmas gifts ideas that won't cost a fortune:

  • Make dinner at home with your best friend or significant other.
  • Give mom or grandma a coupon for free house cleaning.
  • Take each child out separately for a special one on one date and celebrate with their favorite activities.
  • Visit a relative and share time watching a favorite movie or listening to a favorite album together. 

There are many ways you can share your time with loved ones this Christmas in lieu of fancy gifts. And if you find yourself with a little extra money in the budget this Christmas, our personalized keepsake ornaments make great add on gifts to your gift of time. Each year as your loved one decorates their tree, they will be reminded of the special time you spent together. 

For that special dinner together how about a Pasta Ornament or Wine Ornament.

If you plan to do some house cleaning as a gift how about including a Vacuum Ornament?

If you are taking your child out for a special day consider also giving them our personalized Boy on Swing Ornament or Girl on Jungle Gym Ornament.

And if you have a special movie night or listening party with someone special our Movie Night Ornament or Music Ornaments make a wonderful gift. 

And if you just don't have the time to give, you can always choose from our Coronavirus and Quarantine Collection to help commemorate this challenging year! Everyone can identify with these pandemic themed ornaments and our ornaments are ALWAYS PERSONALIZED FREE so you can add a special personal message. 

Take a few minutes to visit us at to find wonderful inexpensive Christmas gifts for everyone on your list this year.

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and most importantly hope you stay healthy for the 2020 holiday season and beyond!