2022 Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornaments

2022 Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornaments

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Did Santa get a new addition to the nice list from your family this year? Start a new Christmas tradition with Baby's First Christmas when you personalize and date a keepsake ornament to celebrate a new baby boy or girl in the family. 

We can even backdate ornaments as replacements for those lost or broken throughout the years. Create a matching set for your children or pick a unique ornament for each child.

Don't forget to get one for those new grandparents too! Grandma and Grandpa love to show off their grandchildren...just imagine Nana and Papa's tree with a Baby's 1st Christmas ornament for each grandson and granddaughter.

Start your child's collection of personalized ornaments to create a scrapbook of their life on your Christmas tree. They'll thank you later in life as they reminisce through their childhood milestones while decorating the tree!

Shop these adorable new baby ornaments: 

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